About Florida Freezer

Florida Freezer is a family owned and operated company with almost 50 years in the transportation and warehouse industry. Its owners and staff are dedicated to providing cost effective and efficient service for all of your logistical needs. 

We are dedicated to providing creative, yet pragmatic solutions to meet the logistical needs of Florida, and to find opportunities where others only see problems.

The four principles by which Florida Freezer will conduct business are:

1. Honesty is not just the best policy, it is the only policy
2. Safety will never be sacrificed
3. Every problem presents an opportunity, and
4. Develop relationships, not sales

Florida Freezer LP is a proud member of: IARW / WFLO / IRTA
 core partners of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, as well as a member of IIAR.

Our commonly owned affiliated companies:

Seminole Gulf Railway, LP

GFA Rail Services, Inc

Bay Colony Railroad Corporation